GSRT Supporting Postdoctoral Researchers grant 2010

Dr. Thodoris Petrakis and the Lab of Histology-Embryology, Medical School of Athens, directed by Professor Vassilis Gorgoulis, applied for the GSRT Supporting Postdoctoral Researchers grant in 2010. The application was approved and the Postdoctoral fellow started in the Lab of Histology-Embryology in March 2011.

Dr. Petrakis received his Ph.D from the Department of Biochemistry, UCL. He then continued his career as a postdoctoral fellow at Cancer Research UK and Welcome Trust Sanger Institute. During the course of his career and before his postdoctoral fellowship in Histology-Embryology lab, Dr. Petrakis had 9 publications in high impact factor international journals.

Dr. Petrakis, as a member of Histology-Embryology lab worked on a project with the title “Dual oncogenic role of Cdc6 in promoting genomic instability and EMT”. This project was based on the recent pioneering publication of Prof. Gorgouli’s lab in the international Journal of Cell Biology (Sideridou, M., et al J. Cell Biol 2011, 195(7)). Dr. Petrakis was a very experienced researcher at the field of Transcription regulation with strong theoretical and technical background who fit very nicely and promoted the work of Histology-Embryology lab. Soon after he joined the lab his preliminary data were published in a review following an invitation by Transcription Journal. His overall work during the course of the grant uncovered new genes regulated by Cdc6 and fulfilled to a substantial degree the requirements according to the proposal. The majority of this work will be published in a high impact factor international journal, Seminars in Cancer Biology, following invitation for participation in a Special Issue.

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